Tronix Media provides consultancy support, systems engineering design and studies for telecommunications systems, with emphasis on those related to fixed, mobile or broadcast satellite communications systems. A particular strength of the company is in the area of satellite communication system interference analysis, frequency coordination and radio-regulatory support.

We also offer fileld office monitoring of the manufacture, assembly Integration and tests of satellite subsystems and system level tests. Finally we offer monitoring of Satellite In-Orbit-Tests.


ITU Satellite Network Slot Identification and Regulatory Filing

The identification of suitable orbit slots for new satellite networks and the preparation of regulatory documentation for filing of those satellite networks under ITU Radio Regulations Articles 9 and 11, and under the Appendix 30, 30A and 30B procedures, including the preparation of Advance Publication, Coordination Request, Notification and Due Diligence filings.

Satellite Network Frequency Coordination and Slot Protection

All the aspects of frequency and orbit coordination of satellite networks, falling under ITU Radio Regulations Articles 9 and 11 and under the Appendix 30, 30A and 30B procedures. The preparation of technical analyses and strategies for frequency coordination meetings, negotiation and client support during those meetings, the development of slot protection methodologies and documentation, and the ongoing protection of filed satellite slot assets through regular review and processing of publications in the ITU’s International Frequency Information Circular. .

Spectrum Sharing and Interference Analysis

Satellite and radio communications network spectrum sharing and interference related analyses and studies, including the production of appropriate modeling software and tools

Technical and Regulatory Systems Studies

Performing studies into technical and regulatory aspects of telecommunications networks with specific emphasis towards satellite communications networks.

RFP Preparation

Translating Satellite Services Requirements into a satellite system specification including: Statement of Work, Satellite Technical Specifications, Satellite Test Specifications, P A requirements etc. In consultation with the satellite manufacturers we prepare the optimum system, prepare the documents for Request for Proposal, evaluate the Technical, Management and Financial Proposals and advice on the satellite procurement contract Terms and Conditions.

Satellite Procurement Process

We provide contract implementation monitoring from Contract signature to in-orbit delivery in order to ensure the contractor abides in every way to the contract and that the hardware is flight worthy and that the satellite will function properly for the duration of its contracted life.

Launcher Procurement Process

We prepare the RFP for the procurement of launch services; participate in the selection process of the Launcher Agency and advice on the contract for the procurement of the Launcher Services. We participate in the launch campaign and monitor the launcher performance.

Launch and Operation Insurance

We provide advice on the optimum selection of Insurance Agency, in order to achieve the best possible insurance cover at the lowest cost both for the launch of the satellite and the in-orbit operation.